Stroll in Bordeaux with

 Caroline Calvet 

Touristic Guide in Bordeaux  

by foot, by bike, by tram ... and often with a glass of wine.

Welcome to Bordeaux, the best destination in Europe ! 

Try the Bordeaux experience with a native !

Caroline will be so happy to welcome you and to give you more informations about Bordeaux and its wine region.

Sauternes - Barsac - Pessac-Léognan - Porte Cailhau - Cathedral Saint Andrew - 

Water Mirror - Place de la Bourse - Opera - Palais Rohan - Big bell

Follow Caroline and  discover men and women who wrote the history of her beloved town.

Stroll'n photos

A walk or a ride to discover the best places to shoot at the perfect time. 

With Caroline you will have the best pictures to share with family and friends when you will come back home ! . 


Sugar Tour

A part of the history of Bordeaux. Why do we have so many chocolate shops, sweet wines, liquors or sweet specialities like the canelé ? Caroline will tell you the reason of it and why Bordeaux was so famous in the 18th century ... 

Street Art by Bike

May be inBordeaux , or near Darwin, or may be in another place, if you are interested in street art, we will discover it by bike 

the Street Art tour is for you !

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